Simone Martin-Newberry, photo taken by Alejandro Farha

I’m Simone Martin-Newberry, a young woman in constant search of foliage. This blog follows my green travels, both near and far — it’s a collection of images and stories about the plants, wild outdoor spaces, and public gardens that make up our shared environment.

I’m not exactly your typical adventure blogger. Yes, I love majestic mountain ranges and rushing waterfalls and traveling to far flung beaches and gardens. But I also know that not everyone has the time or the resources to drop everything and travel the world. Most of us, even many of us who love nature, live in cities and have to work to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our everyday lives. That’s what my stories are about. Looking closer, breathing deeper, going slower, and finding constant beauty and value in our surroundings.

I love the earth and always have. Even having lived my entire life in big cities, I still feel awe and appreciation toward nature everyday. In turn, I hope to inspire you to look around a little differently the next time you go outdoors. Darker than Green is my attempt to capture the natural beauty all around us — inside, outside, and everywhere I can find it.

A photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, and writer, Simone Martin-Newberry has been living, working, and gardening in Chicago, Illinois since 2003.

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